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Investigación Otros

(2024) "Harmonic and monogenic functions on toroidal domains"

(2023) "Quaternionic metamonogenic functions in the unit disk"

(2023) "Reduced-quaternionic inframonogenic functions on the ball"

(2023) "Fourier method for the Neumann problem on a torus"

(2022) "Harmonic and monogenic functions on toroidal domains"

(2022) "Reduced-quaternionic Mathieu functions, time-dependent Moisil-Teodorescu operators, and the imaginary-time wave equation"

(2021) "Complete systems of Beltrami fields using complex quaternions and transmutation theory"
(AACA online version)

(2020) "Relations among spheroidal and spherical harmonics"

(2019) "Hardy spaces for the three-dimensional Vekua equation"

(2018) "Hilbert transform for the three-dimensional Vekua equation"
(CVEE online version)

(2018) "Contragenic functions on spheroidal domains"

(2018) "Spectral parameter power series for arbitrary order linear differential equations"

(2017) "General solution of the inhomogeneous div-curl system and consequences"
       (Springer online version)

(2016) "On Sturm-Liouville equations with several spectral parameters"

(2016) "Numerical solution of the Beltrami equation via a purely linear system"
       (Springer online version)

(2015) "Numerical conformal mapping to one tooth gear shaped domains and applications"    (Springer online version)

(2015) "Gears, pregears and related domains"

(2014) "Contragenic functions of three variables"

(2013) "Asymptotics of european double barrier option compound poisson options"

(2013) "Appell bases for monogenic functions"

(2011) "Conformal mapping of circular polygons and Weierstrass elliptic functions"

(2011) "European double barrier options with a compound Poisson component"

(2010) "Conformal mapping of right circular quadrilaterals"

(2008) "Spectral parameter power series for Sturm-Liouville problems"

(2007) "Local geometry of circles and loxodromes"

(2005) "Numerical calculation of conformal mapping to a disk minus finitely many horocycles"

(2003) "Accelerated osculation method and its application to numerical conformal mapping"

(2001) "Interpolating polynomial method for numerical conformal mapping"

(1998) "Quaternionic Möbius transformations and loxodromes"

(1998) "Quasiconformally explodable sets"

(1997) "Quaternionic linear and quadratic equations"

(1996) "A bound for quasisymmetry of polynomials"

(1993) "On symmetric circular polygons"

(1993) "Differential invariants in Möbius geometry"

(1993) "On the analogue of the D-bar problem in quaternionic analysis"

(1993) "Regular and biregular quaternionic functions in the sense of Fueter"

(1993) "Biregular quaternionic functions"

(1990) "Extended monodromy for bordered surfaces"

(1988) "Möbius invariant quaternion geometry"

(1987) "A generalization of geodesic flow"

(1984) "Properties related to directional convexity"

(1983) "Prescribed monodromy on noncompact surfaces"

(1980) "Functions convex in two directions"

(1979) "Computation of a boundary point of Teichmüller space"

(2018) "De problemas inversos a agujeros negros"

(2018) "Solución problema curva de Jordan"

(2018) "Problema curva de Jordan"

(2018) "Al corazón de las ecuaciones diferenciales"

(2016) "Algebra del cubo de Rubik - teoría y práctica" (version in pdf)

(2015) "Un camino simple a los finales primos" (version in pdf)

(2010) "On the art of calculating accessory parameters"

(2003) "Escuchen este teorema - es falso ¡pero es precioso!"

(2007) "History and recent developments in techniques for numerical conformal mapping"

(1993) "Superficies de Riemann - hilo dorado en la tela de las matemáticas"

(1993) "Superficies de Riemann" (revista Ciencia)

(1989) "Complex analytic theory of Teichmüller space"

(1980) Superficies de Riemann (libro)